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Psychological Analysis of the Story “Heidi, the Girl of the Alps” by Johanna Spyri – Adaptation and Resilience 0

  Heidi is an orphan little girl, she is five years old and has been raised by her aunt, Dete. Dete considers she took care of the little girl long enough and now it’s time her grandfather also stepped in. The grandfather lives somewhere up the mountains and Dete takes the little girl to her grandfather’s […]

Who am I ? At the European Conference on Transactional Analysis, Geneva, 2016 0

    Who am I? Identity, integration and boundaries at the European Transactional Analysis Conference, Geneva – July 2016     This summer, while participating at the European Transactional Analysis Conference, I discovered Geneva with great joy. I enjoyed walking along the shores of the Leman Lake, I enjoyed the sun, the water, the beer […]