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Cum sa obtii o baza de siguranta? Despre nevoia de siguranta. Teoria atasamentului. 0

      Teoria atasamentului   Ce este teoria atasamentului?   John Bowlby, medic pediatru, psihiatru si psihanalist britanic a pus bazele teoriei atasamentului care vorbeste despre nevoia oamenilor de a se atasa de alte fiinte umane.   Citeste si articolul: Despre atasament   Conform teoriei atasamentului oamenii au tendința de a crea legături emoționale […]

Cabinete de psihologie 0

  Cabinete de psihologie   Ca sa alegi un psiholog potrivit tie ai nevoie sa il cunosti. O lista cu psihologi si cu cabinete de psihologie cu datele lor de contact prezente pe un site nu te v-a ajuta sa cunosti un pic mai mult psihologul potrivit tie. Ai nevoie de mai multe informatii despre […]

Anxiety and Panic Attacks 0

  What is anxiety?   Anxiety is a feeling that can be described as helplessness, fear of an immediate danger, and sometimes panic, as well. It may be accompanied by physiological reactions such as higher heart rate, hyperventilation, sweating, tension, irritability, agitation.   What are panic attacks?   Anxiety often triggers panic attacks. During a […]

Family Constellations 0

Family Constellations     Family Constellations represent a therapeutic approach founded by Bert Hellinger. This approach has its roots in psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, system theory and phenomenology. Bert Hellinger has brought all these theories together and developed this work technique. Against all expectations, the name Family Constellations has nothing to do with stars […]

Family Constellations